Installing Redhat 6.0

Installation of RedHat 6.0 went like a dream. Specified a custom monitor during X setup, 800x600 capability, 50-90 Hz refresh rate.
Had to edit /etc/X11/XF86Config afterwards to get 800x600 to work; in the screen section i changed 31.5-35 kHz to 31.5-35.5, and i worked.
PCMCIA worked right out of the box, havn't tried to configure sound or APM yet, so no info on that.

Older versions:

Installing Redhat 4.2/5.0

The installation (Redhat 4.2/5.0) went without any problems. Just Boot on the install disk and you're on your way...

Installing Redhat 5.1

I've also tried to install Redhat 5.1, but the installation fails after detecting the PCMCIA controller, i've heard reports about that it's OK if you use the 5.0 installation disks, but I have not tried this yet...

RedHat now has updated boot disks which fixes these problems ! download from .

APM / Standby / Hibernation

Recompile the kernel to get support for APM, at first I had
trouble getting the hibernation to work properly. but FINALLY i was able to find the info on how to do it. The trick is to make the floppy driver modular, and if neccessary unload it before hibernating (i havn't had to do this yet ) . Ofcourse hibernation must be enabled in BIOS, and a hiber file created on a FAT partition first ( use the OS/2 tools for this if you dont have Windoze installed ) .

X Windows

As for X, one option if you want more than 16 color/640x480 is to buy a
commercial X server from for example Xi.(Accelerated X) They have a demo version
for download which will only work for 10 minutes at a time.
The graphics chipset is Neomagic 128ZV+.

There is now an patched unaccelerated FREE server supporting this chipset up to 1024x768x16 !!! Dowload here

RedHat also has a FREE accelerated X-server for download

For the *really* interested here are x11perf results for the patched server and RedHats XBF server.
These were measured on my 380ED which has 32 MB RAM, in 800x600x16.

By the way, I'm running KDE 1.0 on my laptop, if you havent't looked at it I can really recomend it!

Well folks, thats all. Hope this little info could help you getting Linux up and running on Your Thinkpad.

Hopefully I will have time to update this info soon.

Jonas Sanamon

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